Deben Bhattacharya recording

Music on the Desert Road: A Sound Travelogue by Deben Bhattacharya – Angel 35515, recorded 1955

Bedouins of the Middle East 1955–60 – ARC Music

Sounds of West Sahara: Mauritania – ARC Music

Maqams of Syria – ARC Music

River Songs of Bangladesh – ARC Music

Treasures in Sound – India UA International, 1967

Classical Ragas of India (Limelight Records)

Inde – Musique populaire du Rajasthan (Music from the Indian Desert), Disques OCORA, OCR 47, recorded January 1968

The Living Tradition Music From Turkey – Argo Records, 1968
The Living Tradition Music From Iran – Argo, 1971
The Living Tradition – Songs of Krishna – Argo, 1971
The Living Tradition Music From Bangladesh – Argo, 1972
The Living Tradition – Songs And Dances From Macedonia – Argo, 1972

Folkmusik Från Rumänien – Caprice Records 1972

2 Ragas – Sveriges Radio

Musique Folklorique Du Monde: Yougoslavie – Musidisc
Musique Folklorique Du Monde: Iran – Musidisc
[Musidisc CV 1111] Roumanie - Deben Bhattachariy rec
[Musidisc CV 1116] Hongrie - Deben Bhattachariy rec

Various – Sacred Temple Music Of Tibet – ARC Music 1998

The Deben Bhattacharya Collection :

BNF Collection :


Religious Chants From India (Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu) - Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya

Autres :

Recorded In 1954 By Bhattacharya (Digitally Remastered) (2009)

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